shop Next (STE) token price prediction 2023

What is shop next

ShopNEXT is a Web3 Loyalty Platform powered by Visa and Binance Pay. We utilize card payment, NFT, and gamification to invent the Shop-To-Earn model.

ShopNEXT allows users to earn STE rewards from daily shopping with any Visa card. STE is a kind of loyalty point, but the difference is that it is developed on blockchain and exchangeable. Users can make money from selling the token on cryptocurrency exchanges. That’s how Shop-To-Earn works!

To gamify shopping activities, ShopNEXT combines the Shop-To-Earn model with gaming elements by issuing NFT cards. There will be 10 NFT Card categories that are different by four attributes: Earning, Karma, Capacity, and Power. These NFT Cards will help users to earn more rewards, but users also need to spend STE to boost, recharge these NFT Cards or redeem new NFT Card Case. All collected STE from the game will be burned to prevent token from hyperinflation. Check statistics about the latest token burning here.

How are we different?

Our business can contribute real value to the economy by boosting consumer spending and help merchants grow their businesses.

A sustainable business model. Besides in-app gameplay, ShopNEXT can also earn revenue through external sources (merchants and card issuers) which help us sustain and grow even without new users.

We’ve launched External Profit Reserve (EPR) to back all STE tokens issued on the market to make sure every STE has an intrinsic value that is generated by our users through their shopping.

 Shop Next Tacnical Analysis

  1. General Ranking: ShopNEXT dApp is currently ranked #1047 in terms of user count among all dApps. It holds the position of #54 in the Other category, indicating its performance relative to competitors in that specific category.
  2. Balance: The dApp’s balance is currently $0, meaning there are no funds held within the ShopNEXT dApp at this time.
  3. Volume: The volume of transactions in the last 30 days has remained stable at $0, indicating that no significant transactional activity has taken place within the dApp during this period.
  4. Transactions: ShopNEXT dApp has generated a total of 106 transactions in the past 30 days, representing a 38.37% decrease compared to the previous period. This indicates a decline in user activity or engagement within the dApp.
  5. User Base: Over the last 7 days, the ShopNEXT dApp’s user base has decreased to 82 users, experiencing a decline of 47.37%. This suggests a reduction in the number of active users engaging with the dApp.

How ShopNEXT work?

ShopNEXT: Where Shopping Meets Gamification for Rewarding Experiences

Introduction: ShopNEXT offers a unique ecosystem that combines shopping with gamification, allowing users to earn token rewards and engage with NFT cards. This article provides an overview of how ShopNEXT works, highlighting its key features and benefits for users.

  1. Universal Onboarding – Join for Free
  • Participation in the ShopNEXT ecosystem is open to all individuals with a Visa card, without any additional fees.
  • Users can explore partner deals and earn token rewards, providing them with an incentive to explore the ecosystem.
  • The option to upgrade to MOON membership is available after experiencing the rewards and benefits.
  1. MOONers – The Core Community
  • MOONers are the central element of the ShopNEXT ecosystem, requiring a lock-in of $300 worth of NEXT tokens.
  • The locking period for MOONers is set at 180 days, with the flexibility to downgrade membership at any time.
  • MOONers enjoy several advantages: a. Token rewards can be earned at all merchants accepting Visa. b. Access to exclusive shopping vouchers. c. Ability to use NFT cards to enhance token rewards.
  1. NFT Card Gameplay – Enhancing the Shopping Experience
  • Gamification is integrated into the ShopNEXT ecosystem to boost user engagement.
  • NFT cards, digital collectibles with unique characteristics, are a central part of the gameplay for MOONers.
  • Ten categories of NFT cards are available for collection, each with four main attributes: earning, karma, capacity, and power.
  • Gamification activities include boosting, recharging, redeeming, and opening NFT cards within the mobile app.
  • Users can devise their own game strategies based on their shopping behavior, utilizing NFT cards to maximize rewards.

Conclusion: ShopNEXT offers a captivating shopping experience by blending gamification and token rewards. Users can join the ecosystem for free, earn rewards through partner deals, and choose to upgrade to MOON membership for additional benefits. The incorporation of NFT cards adds an exciting gameplay element, allowing users to enhance their token rewards based on their shopping strategies. ShopNEXT provides an interactive and rewarding environment, enabling users to personalize their journey and optimize their rewards.

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