staking brise token: best guide for start your staking journey 2023



staking brise token
staking brise token


Bitgert (BRISE) is a phenomenal project with a fantastic future ahead. It has the potential to bring revolution to the whole crypto industry, though it was really early to predict

bitgert blockchain mainly offers almost zero gash fees and good enough speed in transactions.

This article is all about staking brise token

OR either you can say what is  the process of staking Bitgert tokens.

, so without any further delay let`s jump on this topic

What is Bitgert (brise) token?

At first, it was built on a BNB based chain, basically most of the utility comes from the bitgert blockchain (BRC-20) which was presented in 2022

bitgert offers near around zero gash fees. it was really remarkable not only that but also it offers one of the fastest cross-chain solutions with above 100,000 transactions per second

berise token is one of the power sources for this network and rewards its users for their active role. The reward of staking is paid from a buyback mechanism

It usually buys back 5% of every transaction fee 3% is directed toward marketing. and 4% towards staking rewards. The rest was burned to make the token more attractive to hold

In one word it was the global payment solution in the form of (p2p)

What makes bitgert unique

bitgert is a solution of slow transactions and high gash fees now we are going to talk about what makes bitgert unique

Let`s break down this topic.

We will explain bitgert ecosystem in 5 points

Bitgert Chain: Bitgert Chain is an EVM-compatible blockchain with a very low gash fee of around

$0.00000001 per transaction;:

BRISE dApp Wallet: BRC20 /ERC20/BEP20 support for Android and iOS. The multi-currency crypto wallet allows users to send, receive, store and swap various crypto assets safely and securely;

BRISE Swap: BRISE Swap is a fast and affordable decentralized exchange (DEX) powered by BNB Chain. BRISE could be the alternative to the PancakeSwap platform. It is a decentralized exchange for swapping BEP20 tokens on the BNB Chain;

BRISE Staking: It allows the Brise investors and holders to stake their holding tokens and earned bused in returns

Let`s Imagine you have BRISE tokens, which are like digital coins. You can let these coins sit somewhere for a while, and in return, you get other coins called BUSD. It’s like a reward for keeping your goods in one place

Audit Solutions with Leaderboard Support: This is about keeping things secure in the modern world. Bitgert uses advanced computer technology and smart people to take care of all other staff like coding

Those are the things that make the bitgert (brise) crypto so special, it is a short brief about bitgert token ecosystem


Now it is time to explain briefly how you can stake your brise token. or the process of staking brise token


staking brise token

Staking brise tokens means you can earn rewards by keeping your tokens locked up for a while. Let’s break down the steps:

Step 1: Buy BRISE Tokens

You can buy BRISE tokens on various kinds of exchanges. Check where it’s listed using tools like CoinMarketCap.
If you already have a KuCoin or any other exchange account, that’s great. If not, you might need to create an account on an exchange that lists BRISE and complete some verification steps.

Step 2: Send Tokens to MetaMask

First of all, Decide if you want to use Bitgert network (cheaper but limited amount) or BNB Smart Chain (more utility but may cost more).

If your choice is Bitgert network and your exchange supports it, add it to your MetaMask wallet.
Copy your wallet address from MetaMask, and use it to withdraw tokens from the exchange.

Step 3: Go to Bitgert. finance and Connect to Wallet

Visit bitgert. finance in your day-to-day browser.
Click “Connect Wallet” and choose MetaMask

Step 4: Choose Staking Amount and Period

Click “Stake BRISE” on the website.
Choose how much BRISE you want to stake and for how period you want.
Remember that, longer periods give more rewards, but you can’t access your tokens during that time.

Step 5: Confirm Transaction

After selecting, click “Enable.”
Confirm the transaction in your MetaMask wallet.
Your tokens will be locked and you’ll start earning rewards. The longer you hold the bigger amount you can earn

Risks Involved in staking brise token:

Although it was a good passive income but as usual all positive things have some negative sight

The major risk of staking is that your tokens are locked. Prices can change a lot during that time.
BRISE doesn’t let you un stake early, so you must wait for the chosen period.
Staking can be rewarding, but it can be dangerous if you are not a risk-taker

future of brise token

The future of BRISE token appears promising with its participation in the growing DeFi and Metaverse sectors. Offering low-cost transactions on Bitgert Chain, a user-friendly dApp wallet, and a unique staking program, BRISE aims to establish itself as a valuable player in the evolving digital landscape.

not only that

In a bid to bolster security, the Bitgert ecosystem employs advanced technology such as AI-driven audits and manual code reviews for smart contracts. This commitment to robust security measures ensures user confidence and safeguards against vulnerabilities, a crucial aspect in the dynamic world of blockchain technology.

In this modern world Ai is essential and we can see brise crypto ecosystem is already using AI for its day-to-day curriculum so it`s clear birise token is the next big thing

Note that: this article is written by a human so if I was wrong then correct me.

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Bitgert overview

Market cap  Volume (24h)
$82.24M $4.02M
Market cap (24h) Circulating supply 
Total supply Max. supply
1,000T BRISE 1,000T BRISE

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